The Importance of Regular Flea Treatments for Dogs
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The Importance of Regular Flea Treatments for Dogs

Passionate dog owners would hardly deny that their beloved pets are very much considered family members. Thus, everything that is possible must be done to prevent the chances of illness and to increase the quality of life for these loyal animals. While heartworm pills, regular vaccinations and the correct diet are all but essential in this matter, flea treatments for dogs represent a powerful way to prevent a host of troublesome illness and keep these pets happy.

This problem is more common than one may think. Several veterinary studies have found that as many as one in ten dogs suffer from flea infestations. Due to the fact that a single flea can lay as many as fifty eggs each day, what begins as a nuisance can quickly become a serious problem. One of the misconceptions is that the animals themselves are the problem. In fact, it is more than likely that fleas will come from an outside source such as a garden or even other animals. In fact, an article written for the Daily Mail emphasises that areas in which dogs spend a majority of their time are likely to contain flea infestations.

The result can be a pet that is extremely uncomfortable and that may develop a condition called dermatitis. This can lead to constant itching, biting and even cause epidermal ulcers to develop around the site of the bites. Of perhaps greater concern is that fact that many dog ticks carry a disease known as Dipylidium caninum. This is known as the common tapeworm. As this article notes, this worm can affect both dogs and humans alike.

Therefore, flea treatments for dogs are absolutely critical in helping to maintain the health and well-being of both pets and family members. Let us also not forget that dogs will be better behaved, are less likely to fidget around and will maintain a shinier coat. Their comfort will reflect in their behaviour. So, the only real preventative measure is for dogs to be regularly given such treatments to help avoid a problem before it even begins.

These treatments are usually given once a month. The most common options are topical sprays applied to the back of the dog. Not only will these sprays kill any exiting fleas, but they will also deter further infestations. Another option is giving the dog a bath formulated with special chemicals designed to kill all fleas. While these are effective, the chemicals can sometimes be harsh and cause allergic reactions. Once again, the best prevention is a monthly treatment. Also, there are other environmentally-safe sprays that can be used around certain locations where an infestation of fleas is suspected.

Above all, these preventative measures are meant to enhance the quality of life of the animal while causing as little discomfort as possible. Regular treatments can help provide a higher quality of life for the dog and mitigate the risk of potentially dangerous parasitic illnesses around the home.

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